Investment Consulting

Step 1: Investment Consulting

The first step in the 5-Step Process is focused on understanding you, your risk profile, and your portfolio's construction. By understanding your starting point, we can begin to develop a plan that matches your unique financial goals and objectives.

When this step is complete, you'll have an understanding of the inner workings of your portfolio and a set of guidelines we'll use to optimize your wealth.

Included in this step:

  • Portfolio X-Ray

  • Investor Profile Constuction

Portfolio X-Ray

We conduct a comprehensive Portfolio X-Ray of your existing investments. We evaluate your portfolio's existing strengths and weaknesses by analyzing nine strategic dimensions that impact performance:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Location of assets within taxable & tax-deferred accounts
  • Investment Vehicles Fees
  • Advisor Fees
  • Trading Costs
  • Portfolio Turnover Rate
  • Tax Costs
  • Cash Drag
  • Portfolio Yield

Investor Profile Construction

By understanding your investment needs, goals, and risk tolerance, we can help build you an optimized investment portfolio that fully reflects your most important objectives.