Enhanced Corporate Cash Management

Many business owners struggle to find a useful investment solution for their excess corporate cash.

Even placing the excess cash in a money market fund can fail to outpace inflation, losing value over the long term.

Chicago Partners has created an alternative solution for business owners that allows excess corporate cash to grow faster while targeting the low risk & high liquidity profile of a money market fund.


The Chicago Partners Enhanced Corporate Cash Management solution offers a money market alternative through:

  • A target return of 3.70% vs. a money market's 0.80% return¹
  • A low management fee of 30bps (0.30%)
  • High liquidity
  • Account oversight by a top fiduciary & Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)²

This alternative to a money market fund allows you to optimize your corporate cash reserves and expand what you and your business can do with your money.

Corporate Money Market Solution

The Chicago Partners Corporate Cash Management approach includes a high-income and highly liquid fund aimed at mimicking the liquidity of a traditional money market fund, but with a higher income target.